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JUNE 2009


espace TAG Heuer Ginza, Tokyo
エスパス タグ・ホイヤー銀座、東京
APRIL 2009
タグ・ホイヤーが銀座に3フロア、売場面積60坪(198㎡)のアバンギャルドでシックなフラッグシップショップ、"エスパス タグ・ホイヤー銀座" をオープンしました。ギャルドはタグ・ホイヤーとコラボレートし、インテリアデザイン、ファサードデザインと施工監理を手掛けました。
TAG Heuer's newly opened flagship store in Ginza boasts a new avant-garde and chic concept spread over three floors with a total sales area of 60 tsubo (198 ㎡). GARDE collaborated with the TAG Heuer team to provide interior and exterior store design as well as construction services.
APRIL 2009
L'Occitane, Marunouchi, Tokyo
ロクシタン 丸の内、東京

L’Occitane opened a large shop-in-shop of 26 tsubo (86 ㎡) in the Marunouchi Building. In the first half of 2009, L’Occitane already opened six shops in Japan, including renewal projects. In an ongoing collaboration with L’Occitane for their shop roll-out program in Japan, Garde provides interior design coordination, planning and construction management services. 
Loveless, Aoyama, Tokyo
ラブレス 青山、東京

Loveless, a top Japanese luxury clothing brand which caters to the country's hipster youth, expanded its store in Aoyama to street level early this year with a new flagship shop of 50 tsubo (165 ㎡). After creating an urban-gothic concept design for the brand's flagship store in Tokyo's Daikanyama area (opened last August), for the Aoyama store GARDE designed an avant-garde sales floor which only stocks women's wear. 
Hankyu Department Store
Nishinomiya, Hyogo
西宮阪急 西宮、兵庫
阪急百貨店は西宮に売場面積7,576坪(25,000㎡)の店舗をオープンしました。ギャルドはストアコンセプトから売場、環境デザイン、サイン計画まで幅広く手がけました。ギャルドは国内のその他の店舗や台湾の店舗のデザインも手掛けています 。

Hankyu Department Store opened its doors in Nishinomiya city in Western Japan, with a sales floor area of 7,576 tsubo (25,000 ㎡). GARDE designed the overall interior store concept, sales areas and public spaces, including environmental graphics and signage. GARDE collaborates with Hankyu for the design of all if its department stores throughout Japan and Taiwan. 
GARDE Senior Designer for
Hankyu Department Store, Nishinomiya

山本 豊 GARDE 西宮阪急 シニアデザイナー

西宮阪急は、関西でも特に“洗練された都会的感性”と“代々受け継がれた成熟した日常生活のスタイル”を持った“おしゃれな母娘”の“西宮上質生活”をめざし店作りを行いました。ギャルドは ストアコンセプト“西宮上質生活”をもとに 西宮阪急らしさを コンフォータブル レジデンスというデザインコンセプトで構築しました。

店内はそれぞれの売場を居心地のいい空間とし、阪急百貨店が独自に編集した売場を展開することで、今までにない新しい日常生活を体感できる空間となりました。 注目して頂きたい事として、毎日の暮らしのヒントをライブに体感して頂く為に店内の約40箇所の「コトコトステージ」を設けました。お客様の生活スタイルに合わせた「食文化」や「健康」、「癒し」、「子育て」などをテーマに、暮らしのヒントや専門家のノウハウ、作り手の思いなどを提供する、様々なプログラムを行っています。

その他 「シンデレラパウダールーム」「サロンフィッティングルーム」など今までにない上質なサービスを随所で体感することができます。

是非 みなさんもお立ち寄り下さい。

Hankyu Department Store in Nishinomiya proposes a new lifestyle for sophisticated mothers and daughters in Japan's Kansai area. We developed the design based on a “Comfortable Residence” concept in which “Nishinomiya's high-end lifestyle” is presented.

To achieve this goal, we created interactive sales points called “Coto Coto Stages” in the sales area where customers can benefit from product use simulations, shopping advice and consulting by professional staff and enhanced customer services, as well as discussions by specialists on specific themes such as nutrition, health, healing and parenting.

This new, high-end concept is further expressed by the use of warm lighting in the “Cinderella Powder Rooms” that softens women's skin tone, and the use of bright lighting that resembles natural outdoor light in the multiple-mirrored “Salon Fitting Rooms”.

Please visit Hankyu Nishinomiya to experience this exclusive shopping environment!


SHOPS & BOUTIQUES ・PAL ZILERI, AO Bldg., Aoyama, Tokyo (March 2009)
  ・SEVEN Flagship Store, Daikanyama, Tokyo (March 2009)
RESIDENTIAL ・THE TOYOSU TOWER, Toyosu,Tokyo (March 2009)
BRANDING ・ATSUGI AW 09 Collection Exhibition,Tokyo (March 2009)
  ・NEW YORK RUNWAY Catalogue & Web Design,
  Mitsukoshi Department Store (February 2009)
OTHER ・OBERIN Hair Salon, Jiyugaoka, Tokyo (March 2009)
SHOPS & BOUTIQUES ・H&M Flagship Store, Harajuku, Tokyo (November 2008)
  ・RAF SIMONS, Herbis Plaza, Osaka (October 2008)
  ・TOMMY HILFIGER Flagship Store, Jiyugaoka, Tokyo (October 2008)
  ・GEOX Flagship Store, Ginza, Tokyo (October 2008)
  ・RAF SIMONS Flagship Store, Aoyama, Tokyo (September 2008)
  ・ERMANNO SCERVINO, Naples, Italy (September 2008)
  ・H&M Flagship Store, Ginza, Tokyo (September 2008)
  ・NEIL BARRETT Flagship Store, Aoyama, Tokyo (September 2008)
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