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3rd & 4th Quarter 2010

Mitsukoshi Department Store, Ginza, Japan


内装建設は日本のデザイン会社の複合体で行われ、ギャルド社は、本新館3階〜5階、M5階婦人フロアーと新館地下1階〜2階までの婦人アクセサリー、カフェ及び新業態のフロアーデザインを手掛けました。 ギャルド社は三越百貨店とは長い歴史があり、日本橋店、名古屋店、札幌店等も手掛けております。

In early September, Mitsukoshi Department Store, located in the heart of Ginza near the lively Ginza Crossing, proudly opened its doors to a new annex building adjacent to the existing historical building, which also underwent a major renovation. The original department store (located on the West side) has 11 floors with approx. 23,248 sqm of sales space and the new, 15-floor annex building (on the East side) adds another approx. 12,752 sqm of sales area, making Mitsukoshi Department Store the largest commercial building in the Ginza area.

A project of this magnitude required the combined forces of several Japanese design companies. Garde was responsible for designing the interiors of women's wear floors 3F, 4F and 5F of the existing building. For the annex building, Garde designed floors B1F to 6F, as well as constructed the interiors of floors B1F to 2F where the accessories and café spaces are located. Garde has developed a close collaboration with Mitsukoshi over the past decade, also designing for their flagship stores in Nihonbashi, Nagoya, Sapporo, among other cities.


General Manager, Design Division

梶原章 執行役員 兼 デザイン事業部 ジェネラルマネージャー






梶原章氏はギャルド社に14年間在籍し、執行役員 兼 デザイン事業部のジェネラルマネージャー として活躍しています。梶原氏は、銀座店を含む三越百貨店プロジェクト ではプロジェクトディレクター及びチーフデザイナーを務めました。現在はギャルド東京本社に勤務し、日本を含むアジアの国々の大型商業施設プロジェクト全体を手掛けています。

I would like to start off by expressing my deep appreciation for the opportunity of being part of the prestigious expansion project for Mitsukoshi Ginza.

We put a lot of thought into figuring out how best to preserve Ginza’s traditional, elegant character, while at the same time adding an element of freshness to the new space.

To reflect the international character of Ginza Crossing, where cultures from around the globe intersect each day, we wanted to create an environment for people from all over the world to enjoy, and one that we, as Japanese, would be proud to share.

For example, in order to entertain international visitors, we created designs that were inspired by the map of Ginza. We selected traditional Japanese materials with a Japanese look and feel and − in honor of the name Ginza − used silver-colored materials (“gin” in Japanese means silver), all whilst maintaining the inviting atmosphere for which Mitsukoshi is famous.

A department store should be a fun place for everyone, regardless of nationality, age or gender. We wanted to restore some of the glamour of the olden days when going to the department store was a treat for young and old and children used to beg their parents to take them. With these images and feelings firmly in mind, we designed the new floors of Mitsukoshi Ginza.

Make sure to visit Mitsukoshi Department Store the next time you are in Tokyo. It would be our great pleasure if you could experience and enjoy just a small part of the feelings we have tried to convey at Mitsukoshi Ginza.

Akira Kajiwara has been with GARDE for 14 years and serves as General Manager of the Design Division. He is Project Director and Chief Designer for the Mitsukoshi Ginza project, as well as for Mitsukoshi Department Store’s other flagship stores in Japan. He’s currently based in Garde’s Tokyo headquarters and oversees all large-scale retail development projects in Japan and Asia.

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