Christopher Brooks

国際デザイン事業本部長 デザインディレクター AIA(米国建築家協会所属)建築学修士

He has experience in retail, office and residential design in the United States, Japan, and other parts of Asia. His key projects are the restaurant ADD in Marco Polo Hotel Hong Kong, Bandai Namco Studios Headquarters, adidas Japan Headquarters (Asia Pacific Property Awards 2015), and MetLife Japan Headquarters (Herman Miller Liveable Office Award, IDA Gold & Silver awards 2018).


Wataru Ishikawa

企画開発事業部長 シニアディレクター 一級建築士

He joined GARDE after working in Italy. In 2014 he made a success of the renewal of the Doota! shopping center in Seoul, for which he was the design director. In 2015, he did the environment design for Barneys New York in Roppongi and Hyundai City Outlets Dongdaemun in South Korea. In 2016 he designed the office of the world-famous video game creator Hideo Kojima.


Yukio Ishiyama

ギャルド Italy社長 シニアアーキテクト イタリア共和国公認一級建築士

In 2011, he won the International Property Awards Europe Best Retail Interior for the concept store EMPORIUM in Baku, Azerbaijan. He has been involved in the interior design of many fashion brand stores and restaurants in Florence and Milan, and in 2014 he was involved in the schematic design and construction document of SUSHI B, a fusion Japanese restaurant that opened in the Brera district in the center of Milan, where museums and galleries are concentrated.


Masayasu Suzuki

ギャルドU.S.A. Vice President シニアディレクター AIA(米国建築家協会所属)

He joined GARDE after working as a Creative Director for the construction of the Universal Studios in Japan. He is specialized in theme parks and residential projects. He has been responsible for several projects in Japan, the US, and South-East Asia, such as 40/40 Club Jay Z in Macao, and the Far East Department Store in Taiwan.

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Yoshikuni Onodera

企画開発事業部 シニアデザイナー

He specializes in shared spaces environment design, exterior and facade design of shopping centers, residences, and department stores. Starting mainly from projects in Shanghai, he has now extended his activities throughout Chinese territory. In 2016, he was in charge of the environment design for the Food Paradise food court in Shanghai, the restaurant floor in Joy City shopping centers, and the Garden Park in Sunshine Paradise Fuzhou shopping center. In 2017 he came back to Tokyo and has been working on design works in a wider range of fields since then.


Yutaka Yamamoto

デザイン事業本部 事業部長 シニアディレクター

Active mainly in the design and direction of large commercial facilities such as department stores, he was in charge of sales floor environment design for the Hankyu Umeda Main Store reconstruction project, overall direction for Nishinomiya Hankyu, and design of the 3rd and 4th floors for the entire Ginza Mitsukoshi store renovation. Overseas, he was in charge of the renovation of the entire DOOTA building in Seoul, the new PARKSON store in Johor Bahru, etc. In 2019, he was in charge of the design of the watch area on the 5th floor of Isetan Shinjuku, and he was the general design director of Ningbo Hankyu, which opened in 2021.


Masahito Kamekawa

デザイン事業本部 大型デザイン課 シニアデザイナー

He has had many achievements in large commercial facilities such as department stores and shopping malls, both in Japan and overseas. He was involved in the concept design of the Hankyu Umeda Main Store rebuilding project (1F-3F) and the concept design and schematic design of the Shinsaibashi Daimaru rebuilding project (4F-5F and B1 Fashion Sundries). He was awarded the Asia Pacific Property Award 2016 for "Joy Yard" in JOYCITY, a commercial facility in Beijing, and a special award in the Architecture and Branding category of the Architizer A+ Award 2017 for the shoe department on the 2nd floor of JOYCITY. His recent achievements include the concept design of Suzhou Joy Breeze and the concept design and schematic design of Beijing Joy Breeze.


Arata Saito

デザイン事業部 デザイン課 デザインディレクター 一級建築士

After working mainly on brand-name design and construction projects in Tokyo, he joined the Asia Pacific Division of the Hong Kong office in 2013. Mainly working within China and Southeast Asia, he designed the VIP area of K11 in Guangzhou, China, The Royal Park Canvas – Ginza 8 etc. He was involved in a wide range hospitality spaces as well as commercial spaces. In 2020, he returned to the Tokyo Head Office and continues to work mainly on overseas projects.


Yu Ohata

デザイン事業部 デザイン課 チーフデザイナー

After being involved in the design and site supervision of large-scale commercial facilities in China for a long time, he joined the Hong Kong office and the Asia Pacific Division. He has been involved in a wide range of projects from conceptual design to supervision, such as the renovation project of Grand Shopping Center in Harbin, China, the environment design of PARKSON Department Store in Malaysia, and food and beverage design.


Toru Yokomatsu

ブランド事業部 デザイン課 チーフアーキテクト

In addition to working as a local architect for the DOLCE & GABBANA Osaka Midosuji store, the BOTTEGA VENETA Ginza store, and many others, he was involved in a wide range of Tasaki Ginza store, including store concept planning, schematic design, construction document, basic conceptualization of VMD tools and rebranding work from 2007 to the opening in 2010. He was also charge of the work from schematic design to supervision at the Tokyo Midtown.


Kyoko Takano

ブランド事業部 デザイン課 チーフアーキテクト

She works as a local architect for import luxury brand stores and in-shop stores inside department stores, such as SEE BY CHLOÉ. She also designs large-scale boutiques, such as the SAINT LAURENT store in Omotesando. In 2016 she worked as a local architect for the BOTTEGA VENETA store in Kobe.


Shunji Sakuta

デザイン事業本部 ブランドデザイン課 ディレクター シニアアーキテクト

He has long been engaged in local architect work mainly for overseas luxury brands. He has worked on a number of projects spanning several years, including flagship stores for overseas luxury brands such as GUCCI GINZA and VALENTINO GINZA in 2018, GUCCI AOYAMA in 2019, and GUCCI GINZA NAMIKI in 2021, as well as large-scale projects that require coordination of architecture and facilities. In 2020, he will cooperate in the design of the flagship store for the jewelry brand NIWAKA Ginza and is involved in a wide range of activities for both domestic and international brands.

Tsuchiya BW squareDSC05489

Yuka Tsuchiya

ブランド事業部 デザイン課 チーフアーキテクト

She has been involved in local architect work for several import brands, and since 2015 has been involved in coordination and design work with the home country for VALENTINO Kobe Daimaru, JIMMY CHOO Ginza Mitsukoshi DFS, JIMMY CHOO Nagoya Matsuzakaya, and DIESEL Okayama Sun Station.


Hiroki Niimi

デザイン事業本部 大型デザイン課 デザイナー

He has been involved in many large-scale commercial facility and hotel interior design projects in Japan and overseas, including the interior design of the Royal Park Canvas Ginza 14F restaurant in 2018 and the interior design of the Shinjuku Isetan 5F watch department in 2019. In addition, he has participated in a wide range of projects both in Japan and overseas, including the interior design of the sports section of Joy City in Beijing, China. He is also engaged in creating image perspectives for many competition projects.


Francesco Ristori

国際デザイン事業本部 オフィス事業部 アーキテクト・デザイナー

After achieving a master’s degree in architecture at the University of Florence, he specialized in Italy in housing and retail projects, as well as heritage buildings restoration. Since 2014 he has been involved as designer at GARDE, operating in Japan and Korea, China, and south-east Asia, involved in several project scales, such as corporate offices, hospitality, residential, commercial facilities, and department stores.


Maiko Tanaka

ブランド事業本部 デザイン課 アシスタントデザイナー

Since 2016 she has been involved as local architect for GUCCI including the Women Hankyu Umeda and Isetan Shinjuku stores. She is also currently involved the renewal of the GUCCI Ginza store.


Raymond Siu

海外事業本部 デザイン課 デザイナー

After achieving a bachelor’s degree related Interior design, he participated in project management in local architectural firm. In GARDE, his involved in several design projects which based in China and Southeast Asia region such as Shangri-la Services Apartment in Dalian, Hotel Jen in Shenyang, K11 Office Clubhouse in Guangzhou, Rasapura Master in Singapore Marina Bay Sand, Quaza Mall and Jaya Grocer in Kuala Lumpur...etc.


Anna Nishigori

デザイン事業本部 大型デザイン課 デザイナー

After studying interior architecture in the UK and obtaining MA, she joined GARDE in 2017. She was involved in the concept planning, schematic design and construction document of Kyoto Candeo Hotel and Osaka's new hotel. Utilizing the interior architecture technology she learned in the UK, she has been involved in various projects both in Japan and overseas with the focus on hospitality design.


Makoto Otani

デザイン事業本部 大型デザイン課 デザイナー

After joining the company in 2016, he worked in the PM Section of the Brand Business Division, where he managed the interior design work for imported brands opening stores in Japan. In 2019, he joined the Design Section of the Brand Business Division, where he worked as a local architect for imported brands ranging from apparel to cosmetics. In 2021, joined the International Design Division, where he works as a designer on a variety of projects in Japan and abroad, focusing on apparel stores, large-scale commercial facilities, and hospitality design.


Nagisa Miura

国際デザイン事業本部 オフィス事業部 デザイナー

After achieving a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design at the Savannah College of Art & Design, she worked in an interior/architectural firm in Atlanta, GA where she specialized in workplace design and hospitality design. Since joining GARDE as designer, she has been involved in several workplace design projects based in Japan.


Akihisa Wakayama

デザイン事業本部 大型デザイン課 チーフデザイナー

After working on the design of large-scale commercial facilities at a domestic design firm, he joined Garde in 2021.While designing mainly large commercial facilities such as department stores, he has also worked on many specialty stores. He is currently working on a wide range of projects mainly in Asia.


Onuki Hayato

デザイン事業本部 ブランドデザイン課 アーキテクト

After graduating from interior design school, he spent more than 10 years specializing in commercial interior design, working on a department store renewal project in Shinjuku, environment design for a large-scale commercial facility in Shibuya, and environment design for other shopping malls and major building complexes. Since joining GARDE in 2020, he has been working on retail design in the brand division and has also participated in many large-scale commercial projects using his previous experience.



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